The Levels of Proofreading

Erin spoke to me about an easy way to do proofreading, can you ladies let me know if this way sounds light and easy to you? The wonderful thing is, it is light and easy. Here is what Erin mentioned about the 3 levels:

LEVEL 1 Proofing Chapters. This can be easily done with a comment on the page and rather than just that line or paragraph—why not the entire chapter?

We did it differently when we had pictures and sections in different text boxes but we don’t now. So comment pasting the entire chapter could be the initial way and later…

LEVEL 2. Make a copy of the page and paste the update. Later…

LEVEL 3. Open the page and paste new in knowing we can go back.

Consider too an RMIOU LNG student like DUT Hanna Josh MTA 🇳🇱 how could she easily proofread for Kristine? If we were to find a method that works for both… imagine 🤩

11 thoughts on “The Levels of Proofreading”

    1. I asked Gioia to register and leave the PRF chapter in the comment section underneath Chapter 2 Yvonne.

      I think it will be light and easy if the PRF is in the comment section.

    2. Yvonne I asked Gioia and this is what she replied: “Adina I tried more than once and there’s an error message “the registration request was blocked because it was flagged as spam. Please try again or contact the site owner for help”.

  1. I agree, it is a much lighter way and you can work directly in WP, speeding up the work.

  2. Hello Yvonne, level 2 would be the best option. Make a copy of the page, paste it into a Google file and share it with the relevant person with ADM rights. To correct or update the page.

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