Self-Service vs. Coddling

We got this message in one of our WhatsApp groups:

@⁨Adina Jacobs⁩ Thank you!! The snippets you shared are already translated into Spanish. Regarding the portfolios, I find it useful to have a template in ESP and one in PTG, so Isabella can build them according to the language because in my case.

After seeing this Erin shared:

Everything needs to be set up for SELF SERVE to Give the student or bride the opportunity to rely on Him that should be built into the instructions “extract the precious from the worthless” In other words magnify Who is longing to show He’s there when you "Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty and marvelous and wondrous things, which you do not know…things to come, things you could never figure out on your own, remarkable secrets…“ J333

The template along with a short precise video is also going to unburden leadership by creating more to help rather than more who need our help.

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