RMI provides the opportunity to invest in the work we are blessed and called to do in order that YOUR might share in the blessings we receive. RMI: Investment PARTNER Annual Commitment


We never ask for donations. We do not need your money. He says, "My GOD shall supply all your needs [RMI's needs] according to HIS riches in glory"—so why would we insult our Father and ask?

Instead, as a ministry, we are focused on "feeding His sheep," "leading the thirsty by still waters to drink," and "washing the wounded with the water with His Word" to heal, and ultimately protecting them from the devour due to their tithing.


Look for the 💝 GIVE on all of our websites to give to that ministry.

🎓 Students use the pulldown menu for the courses you are studying.


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  1. I’d like to donate but I don’t have PayPal and don’t want to open an account. is there another way to pay please?

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