March 2024 Meeting Conclusions

These are the conclusions reached for meetings in the LMF BOD Meeting Monthly DTI.

The first meeting was regarding reoccurring payments. Is setting up reoccurring payments setting brides up for a false sense of security; are they protected against the devourer by bringing their FULL tithe to their storehouse?

Conclusion: The LMF agreed that payments should occur manually as soon as the bride's income comes in to be sure that they are not tricked into a false sense of security.
There is an option that can be changed/removed on the donate button.

This meeting was regarding different payment platforms available in different countries (and languages) and preventing brides from paying their tithes immediately, thus opening them up to the devourer.

Conclusion: The LMF agreed that waiting because of availability of payment platforms might set brides up to be vulnerable to the devourer. The best available payment platforms in each country must be added to the donation pages for that language and must be first on the list for the brides to see and use to make sure they are protected.

Paula PTG: SSG for payment platforms available for PTG brides in Africa and Portugal.

Anastasia ESP: SSG for ESP speaking brides in countries that do not have credit or debit card facilities.

Janine/Adina/Yvonne: SSG, because although Paypal is available in South Africa, it is expensive to transact through PP, which might set brides up to not pay their full tithes.

I have noticed that there are students who do not journal, they do not keep their portfolios updated, participate in the Mentorship program, share praises or comments, complete their check-in forms, or respond to assigned tasks. So I asked the LMFs input regarding sending them a snippet and remove them from the Active Student list.

Conclusion: LMF agreed that the suggested snippet must be send to the inactive students. This is the snippet:

Dear <Student>

We noticed that you are not journalling or responding to tasks assigned to you. 

We do understand that there are seasons when we need to travel this journey alone and focus only on our Heavenly Husband and on building a more intimate relationship with Him, and we would like to encourage you to embrace this season with Him.

For now, we are going to remove you from our active student list, but when He leads you back, you can just complete the Enrolment Form again to be added to our list of active students. Here is the link to the enrolment form for His appointed time: IOU: 🎓 QuickStart Enrollment Application 

We trust that this time with your Heavenly Husband will be fruitful and hope to welcome you back to RMIOU at His appointed time! 

*Please remember that all your journal forms that you complete during this time, will count towards your certification when He leads you back.

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