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“İnsan Tanrı'dan çalar mı? Oysa siz benden çalıyorsunuz. ‘Senden nasıl çalıyoruz?’ diye soruyorsunuz.’

‘Ondalıkları, sunuları çalıyorsunuz.’”

“Tapınağımda yiyecek bulunması için bütün ondalıklarınızı ambara getirin. Beni bununla sınayın” diyor Her Şeye Egemen RAB. “Göreceksiniz ki, göklerin kapaklarını size açacağım, üzerinize dolup taşan bereket yağdıracağım. Çekirgelerin ekinlerinizi yemesini engelleyeceğim. Tarlada asmanız ürünsüz kalmayacak” diyor Her Şeye Egemen RAB.” M310

“Hırsız ancak çalıp öldürmek ve yok etmek için gelir. Bense insanlar yaşama, bol yaşama sahip olsunlar diye geldim.” Y1010

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“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, who prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” 1P58

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QUESTION: I have more than one email address I use; which one should I use to set up my Donor Tools account?

1. Simply set it up with any email address, then after it's created, look for Need to Make Changes? Update your profile —and add any or all your email addresses—including a BNN Gmail.

DT Update Profile

PLEASE choose where which Ministry you'd like your offering to go to. Feel free to "Add a special message about your donation,"  such as a word of thanks and especially God’s Promise that will remain attached to your donation.

Security 🔐

For your safety, be sure that the email address associated with your donation matches one of our domains and is listed here.


Each of the "Donate" buttons ABOVE will allow you to donate your tithe by using your:

• credit card

• debit card

• PayPal account

​• OR your bank account by direct withdrawal

Currency Converter for our International Members.

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." L638


EIN 59-3511048


QUESTION: ”I’m having trouble when I click on the PayPal DONATE button.”

1. LOG IN to your Paypal account and SEND your donation to:

​2. If nothing works, please contact our and explain what's happening so that one of our web techs can quickly help you 🙂

QUESTION: How to Cancel a Recurring PayPal Payment

1. Log in to your PayPal account.

2. Select the button with your username on it on the top right side of the screen.

3. Choose Account Settings.

4. Click Money, Banks & Cards.

5. At the bottom of the list, click Set Automatic Payments.

6. Choose which recurring payment to cancel.

7. Click Cancel.


EASILY set up a PayPal account!

If you don't have a debit or credit card, but you have a BANK ACCOUNT, you can EASILY set up a PayPal account and even get a PayPal Debit card through PayPal.

​*It doesn't matter where in the world you live or what currency you're using!

​Set up a PayPal Account now. Go to and click Sign Up

​Don't want to use your PayPal account?  Use your debit or credit card.


PLEASE mail Checks to:

PO Box 830
Ozark, MO

*You may also use your checking account for donations via Paypal above. Just follow it through to where it asks for your checking account info. This also takes care of foreign money exchange.

​Thank you!


For those of you who live outside the U.S. and would like to wire your funds from your bank to our RMI International bank
​OR schedule a month Direct Deposit you will need the following information:

For WIRE TRANSFER or Direct Deposits (that saves some fees) please email our Office


Hi, I would like to make a donation from my bank account to yours. I need A IBANcode. Not a swift code like you have on your “donate now” page, but a IBAN code.  Thank you in advance!


Hello, so I researched a way to help you and out that whomever you are dealing with at your bank is misinformed. This is a bit long, but should help you gain the knowledge you'll need to finding someone who knows how to work with United States Banks because the United States Banks are NOT involved in the IBAN System. You can read about it more here:

IBAN or International Bank Account Number - Wikipedia

Whomever you're working with, again, does not realize that U.S. Banks currently do not participate in the IBAN System. However, foreign banks only need the U.S. Swift code (which is what we've provided above)

​That is all any bank needs in order to make the Swift Payment Order- Transfer, which is what we use in the U.S. instead of IBAN, which is for European banks.

And just to put you at ease, the Source of this information came from a "Wire Transfer Specialist of 14 Years" who worked internationally.

​If you go back to your bank, before you go, ask God to show you someone who knows how to handle U.S. bank transfers. Even our ministry has to go into another city to work with a bank who is familiar with international protocol (since we have the same issues in reverse). And even at each bank location there are often only one or two who know how to do this.

We agree that in such global times banks would become more familiar, however, that's why services like Paypal sprang up, which you may want to pray about looking into.

​Hope this helps.  Encouraging Woman Home Office


How do I get a copy of RMI’s financial records?​


By simply mailing us a request. RMI, POB 830, Ozark, MO 65721 ​


My dad lives with me. He helps me pay bills. He gives me money to pay the bills he helps with. Do I tithe my dad's money since he helps me with bills? I've prayed about it and I'm still not sure. I know to tithe my income. But, my dad's income is not my income. He only helps me pay bills.


Hello! The answer is to ask your Heavenly Husband with an open heart. Often if the bills are paid directly or an exact amount is given for each bill then that money is not tithed on. Whereby if it’s a general sum most women find it allows them the freedom to tithe from and watch not only the devourer rebuked but unforeseen blessings begin to flow.
Bottom line is ASK. And if He says don’t tithe don’t tithe and don’t succumb to guilt. Instead ask Him to provide other income to tithe on.

Thank you for your love and support!! May the Lord bring an increase to your generosity beyond what any of us could ever hope, dream or imagine!!

*If you need any more help, please email us at


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