April 2024 Meeting Conclusions

These are the conclusions reached for meetings in the LMF BOD Meeting Monthly DTI.

Seeking the Lord about the steps to become an LMF owner: https://rmiou.com/steps-to-becomming-a-lmf-owner/ 

Conclusion: The LMF agreed with: 1. Add that the new LMFs must be RMIOU students. 2. would be better not to mention on https://restoreministriesinternational.com/lmf/ to future LMFs about finances or financial gains shortly, so that we can really know their hearts.

Note: We need approval from Erin to edit this webpage since she built the page.

Assign a Ministry to each MTR to show their ministering skills ON these blogs that are supervised by Adina. While they are the assigned minister, they should be on the About page, just linked so it's easily updated when they move to another ministry where they can serve.

Conclusion: The LMF agreed that waiting because of availability of payment platforms might set brides up to be vulnerable to the devourer. The best available payment platforms in each country must be added to the donation pages for that language and must be first on the list for the brides to see and use to make sure they are protected.

Each MTR has a designated ministry in her LNG and was added to their LNG about page.
ENG: https://hopeatlast.com/about/
ESP: https://elanimador.com/sobre-nosotros/

Who determines the amounts of the Tithe from RMI and to whom it should be given to each LMF each month is the PRIOR LMF BOD Chairwoman and the other 2 (present LMF BOD Chairwoman and the NRP LMF) can confirm or just one other can confirm. It will be shared on the CPM DTI.

Each LMF can have a consultation with Erin to know how to make her own LMF better and pay her for her service with their offering. She has a form to consult with her: https://restoreministriesinternational.com/lmf/rcn/

The LMF agreed to move from WhatsApp to Telegram and it was updated on the RMI Manual https://restoreministriesinternational.com/manual/#Telegram

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